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Seascape (I), from New York Ten, 1964

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Oft Gefragt - AnnenMayKantereit

hui. stimmchen.

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This could really work. Adding a ‘green search’ switch button to Google. Making the Google Algorithm add a ‘sustainability’ variable to the search formula. Creating a great relevance to become a greener more sustainable business, since the chances that you are a top-hit on Google will increase. Big respect to Paul & Yme for the idea. Lets start the Lobby! 

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Plant of the Day
Sunday 27 July 2014

The huge leaves of Gunnera manicata (Chilean rhubarb) flourish planted near the natural springs at Dunrobin Castle in Scotland. This robust herbaceous perennial produces the largest foliage with a damp site, leaves so large you can shelter under them! It needs winter protection to the ‘crown’ (growing point) normally by mulching with straw and then capping with the old leaves held on place by the leaf stalks. An amazing formal garden stretched out below the slope where the Gunnera was growing - well worth the visit.

Jill Raggett

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I wanna hold her, I wanna kiss her
She smelled of daisies, she smelled of daisies
She drive me crazy, she drive me crazy

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jean arp and assistant dante pisanelli

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